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applied magnetics was founded in 1994. It is located in the scenic town of Morges, Switzerland (www.morges.ch).


Our company is active in the distribution of scientific software products as well as in the design and simulation of electromagnetic devices (motors, transformers, actuators, sensors). We assist our users in magnetic instrumentation and caracterisation of magnetic materials.


applied magnetics has developed competencies in watch design, electric drives, energy production and transmission, mechatronics and prediction of radiated fields due to substations, underground cables and overhead lines.


Our activity includes three domains :


  • Distribution of CAD software in Switzerland and Austria (FLUX, Speed, Portunus)
  • Dedicated training in electromagnetism, electric machines, actuators, finite element modelling and complex system simulation
  • Feasability studies and design of electromagnetic devices (electric machines, transformers, actuators, sensors radiated fields, watch motors and generators)